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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Big Storm

Perfect day to stay inside and work on the final Christmas presents.  No pictures - just in case the recipients read the blog.  I know they do.

We are getting hit with the "Big Storm"

And........ Its still snowing.

I really love days like today, as long as I don't have to go anyplace that is.  Been watching movies and crafting all day.

Wayne went out earlier and blew and shoveled snow.  Our daughter Stacy came by and helped.

Unfortunately you cant even tell they were there all signs of shoveling are gone.

I'm finished with the presents, now for a present to me.  I'm going to crochet myself a warm scarf.  This might be the year it will be needed.

After the strange winter last year, betting we are going to have the true Wisconsin winter. Cold, ice, snow, you know the usual.  Makes a person really appreciate when spring arrives.

Which reminds me.  We have been living here for an entire year and still enjoying the house and the yard, yes even with the snow.

Last year at this time, I was still settling the house and looking forward to the spring and summer.  Not even realizing how much work was going to be waiting for me.  No complaints though, the work was well worth the rewards.

2012 is almost over and I will be reflecting on what a year it was.


Donna Kallner said...

Yes, we do! Not even a hint!?

Kay Lynne said...

We've had some snow flurries. I think the storm missed northwest Ohio.