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Friday, December 14, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have To Pay Attention

For the most part I spend my days happily doing my own thing.  Sewing, quilting crafting taking care of Wayne and my home.

Today was no exception - I quilted another beautiful quilt for a customer this morning:

At sew day yesterday with the girls, one of them mentioned a friend who wanted to have one done by Tuesday, but knew it was impossible to have a "quilter" do one that quickly.   I, of course, speak up and said "I can do it no problem"   She brought me the quilt last night and I finished it this morning.

I go about my business for the rest of the day until....... I read the article on my computer screen.

Another school shooting, Newtown CT.

This saddens and sickens me so much.  How can this keep happening.  People, no not people, animals, self appointed executioners who think they have to end the lives of innocent people, and children and then take the coward way out and commit suicide.   What goes through a mind to think - I will go and kill as many people as I can before I die?    What does it accomplish?  Sick sick minds - GET HELP!

We, me included, need to take time each day to thank God for all we have and the family and friends in our lives and pray for those who have suffered from this tragedy.

End of speech!

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