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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bath Time

I have been wanting to make these for my grand kids for past few years and finally this is the year it got done.

My bff, was going to do the hand applique to finish them off.  However,she has carpal tunnel and made it very difficult for her to do the hand work.  I need them by this Sunday for our family Christmas.  I brought them home today and used the blanket stitch on my sewing machine instead of hand applique.  Im not that good at the hand stitching and it would not have looked as good as what she does.

There is one missing, Kylee - not to worry, bff is doing that one, she has it started and almost complete, she guarantees it will be done in time.  It would not look so good if part was hand appliqued and then finished off with a machine stitch.

Little Gus isnt getting one this year.  I didnt know his name in time to get his in the works with the rest of them.  Next year he will get his special bath towel.

Im working daily getting all the Christmas stuff done and also doing customer quilts.

While visiting Nettie today, I told her I dont know how I ever found time to work.

She has just retired and hasnt had enough retirement time to find out what Im talking about.  It will happen one day for her too.

Honestly, with all the projects I have going and all the ones I want to do, I could be busy 24/7 as they say.

The grandkids are done, but I still have a few more projects I want finished by Christmas, some I havent started and others in the works.

How many days before Christmas??? I better check the calendar and see.

Really have to laugh at myself. It seems I go through this every year.  12 months to plan for the big day and I still wait until the last minute to kick it into high gear.

Next year Im starting in January.  No Really I Am.!!!!

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