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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pretty Panto

Another pretty quilt by Teri

I wanted to do a very feminine quilt pattern for this one.  She is giving to her grandma and searching my panto library found this "Crepe Myrtle" By Patricia Ritter.  I just love the way it looks with swirls, feathers, flowers all in one beautiful flowing design.

Maybe I have mentioned this before, but its worth saying again, Teri does a wonderful job on sewing her quilts.

I'm still using the loaner Tin Lizzie and thank goodness for that.

My small sewing machine is repaired, it was just packed full of lint I was told.  Don't know how that happened.  I usually clean it on a regular basis, but according to the shop, it was pretty packed.

Purchased the machine last year and I get one free cleaning, so I just used that.

When you sew as much as I do, an annual cleaning is a must, just to be certain you get all those dust bunnies out from their hiding places.

Last Wed I taught the class in Clinton.  A couple of the girls there had a really neat seam ripper with rubber tip to brush away those tiny threads.

They told me where I could purchase one, but I, instead came up with my own little invention.

Stuck a pencil eraser on the end of my ripper and now I "erase" away those tiny threads.  It really work!!!

Here's what I have been working on in between making and quilting:

Table toppers and candle mats.  I'm going to be quilting these all at once on my LA.  I use the same backing using a large backing, batting, and lay these on the batting.  From there I just start quilting one and then go on to the next, and roll them just like I would a large quilt.  Save time and much easier for me than to load a tiny piece one at a time.  Not to mention I can not do free motion quilting on my small domestic sewing machine.

Now its time to get cleaned up, do some housework and get ready for the meeting tonight - Edgerton Quilt Committee.

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