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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Loaner Working Fine

To be certain I am familiar with the loaner Tin Lizzie, I quilted Ky;s quilt this morning.

She is calling this Kylee's Rubix Cube.  It took forever to get the blocks laid out so none of the colors were touching the same color.

Its ready for the binding, and she is going to do this one herself.  Told her its time!!!!

Small 54x60. She picked all the colors from my stash, and as usual, she goes for the neon looking ones.

Lucky we had enough of the cream to complete the blocks and the borders, and still have enough to bind with.

Can you believe it, my stash is actually running low. Never thought I would say that.  Thanks to Alice (Dee Dee, after raiding her stash) I had a huge selection to choose from. Now not so much.

Time to get serious about building it up again.

Plenty of tiny small pieces but not much for good chunks like I have had to work with.

Darn I just might have to buy fabric one of these days.

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