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Friday, August 24, 2012

My Favorite Time Of Day

Early morning - 5am to be exact.

For me I love sewing and quilting early mornings.  By the time Wayne is up and moving around I have half a day of work (fun) done.

Peg dropped off a baby quilt last night, so of course that is the first thing I worked on this morning.

Back of Quilt 

This, believe it or not, is for a little girl, and from what Peg tells me, parents have chosen the north woods theme.

So to soften this up a little for a girl, Peg added the pink squares and we both agreed on pink thread and flowers/loops and butterflies.

Friday means Ky day.  I pick her up at 9.  She informed me the last time she was here, she needs to make a dessert for a picnic she is going to tomorrow for Karate class.  She has chosen Apple Strudel as her dish to pass.

This way she gets to play with the apple peeler again and bake.  Ever since she was wee little one, like about 3yrs old she has helped grandma in the kitchen baking and cooking.

I so enjoy doing these fun things with her.

Wish so much that my other grandchildren were closer so I could spend this "quality" time with them.

When Brittany, my oldest granddaughter was little I would do crafty play with her. We were always making something decorative and creative.  I don't recall doing much baking with her.  We would take her camping with us several times a year and she loved that the most.

 Now she is a big girl and has a little boy of her own, so no time to come play with grandma anymore.

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