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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hung It

All quilted and bound and hung in the spot it was made for.  It looks much prettier for real than in a pictures.

Warm fall colors.  No matter how many times over the past 47 years I keep trying to change my color schemes, I eventually fall back into these colors.

When we first got married, it was hand me downs from all the relatives, so no theme there.

The color schemes have changed over the years. Done the warm fall colors, then the blues/mauve, hunter greens,back to blue and mauve, sage greens and now back again to the fall colors.

I'm sitting here typing and remembering all the places we have lived and remembering the different style of decorating for each place. 

We were married in 1964 and between then and now moved 20 times.  The longest we have stayed in one  place was Broadway St in Edgerton, the first home we owned.  We were there 13 years and our last home in Milton there 12 years.  In those years we have lived in Edgerton, Milton, Janesville, Rio, back to Janesville, Milton and now back to Edgerton/Newville. 

It sounds like we are nomads, doesn't it.  First you start with the one bedroom, just the 2 of you, then you start having children and you need more room, 2 bedrooms, more children and 3 bedrooms.  Jobs and career changes and you find it closer for work so you move again.  Also in the mix, you start to be able to afford nicer places. Then the children start moving out and now you don't need that space (you think, because they come back) so you find smaller places.  After finding the smaller place, you find out its too small, so you move again. The list goes on.

I often wonder how it must be to buy your first home and never move again.  Build all your memories, raise your children, grow old and never leave that one house.  The memories that would be stored in one home.

But then again, I wouldn't be able to purge things.  It seems the only time I would get rid of things was when we were planning a move.  

No I'm not planning on moving again.  

So if the color scheme changes its going to be because I buy new furniture not because we moved.

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