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Friday, August 17, 2012

One and Done

Not much to say today so will make this short.

Friday morning, and already finished a quilt for customer.

Ironed and loaded last night so I could just jump right in and quilt this pretty blue/yellow/white.  I really love these colors together, and yet have never made a quilt using these colors, wonder why.

Large  meandering, simple but effective.

Its a good thing I have the loaner Tin Lizzie, or I would be missing out on quilting customer quilts and my own.

Had a problem with the loaner this morning, however.  For some reason the bobbin winder wasn't working properly. Its a good thing I know how to fix this.  I have had this problem with my own Lizzie in the past so a quick turn of the screw and it at least winds.  Does not shut itself off so have to watch carefully as to not over fill, but at least I could get the bobbins filled and continue on with my quilting.

Now that the quilting is done for the day, its time to get ready to mow the lawn.

Like I said not much to say today, just going to be a normal, average day today.

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