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Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Is Coming!!!!

Yes you can start to smell it in the air, even with hot days and warm nights its beginning.

I love love love fall. The sad part is all the pretty flowers are going away.  Don't have much for fall flowers around here, maybe that's something I can work on next year.

With fall comes the changing of the way quilters think about their color and pattern choices.

Margie did this cute pumpkin quilt using a Buggy Barn pattern.

I quilted using a panto by Patricia Ritter - Pumpkin Patch.

This is a fun panto to work with.  I had a big big problem when I first started. We had chosen a beautiful orange thread to stitch with, but for whatever reason, I don't know, the thread kept breaking ever few inches.

This is so frustrating to start to stitch and have to stop and re thread over and over again.  After this happened several times and my trying to solve the problem, checking tension, re threading checking bobbin, change needle clean bobbin area etc etc etc, which took literally a few hours, I decided to change to a different thread.  I didn't have another orange so went with a purple variegated, which looked good too.

Now the bad part about changing thread is you have to rip out the orange that you started with.  This took hours upon hours even for 18" those tiny suckers don't come out easy.

Just as I finished frogging, my friend Annette Vance came to visit with her friend Sandy. We had a nice visit.

By the time they left it was time to fix supper.  Wayne didn't  wait too long after they left, like seconds, and asked whats for supper?

I started the quilt at 6am and in between loading, stitching, un sewing, company, supper I didn't get back to it until after supper.

The change of thread was a good one, it went so smoothly after that.  Manage to do a few rows last night before Packer game started and finished this morning.

Really liked working with this panto, wish I had another quilt with pumpkins or fall so I could use it again.

Maybe I will just have to make one.  Yeah, like I don't have any quilts.  I have five maybe six at last count that need to be quilted.  None of which I would use this panto on.

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