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Friday, August 10, 2012

Lizzy Went To LA Doc Today

Yes Lizzy finally went in for repair, and as long as I was going that way took my domestic sewing machine to repair also.

Bought the new Brother last year in October and now it doesn't want to go over seams.  Good thing I have a spare to use, because the last time I dropped of a machine for repair it was 2 months.  Lady figured 3 weeks, heck I would be happy with 3 weeks.

As far as Lizzy goes, I did pick up a loaner to use until she is fixed, so all set to go for more quilts.

Stopped at Joann's and got some batting to do one of Ky's quilts.

Off to grocery shop at Sam's Club, Walmart, from there drugstore, dollar store, bank and finally home.

Thank goodness Ky was with me today, she helped, actually did it all by herself loaded and unloaded all the groceries.

We put them away, proceeded to go outside and weeded 2 beds.  Not here favorite job, but she earns money from me for batting and fabric.  After an hour or so, she said "Yay I'm Outta Here" or something like that. Her dad came to pick her up, so I set her free.

Here is what is blooming new at my house

Black Eyed Susan I rescued along property line they were overgrown with thistle, next year will be a better year for them

Hydrangea tree

Again Diane told me name, forgot, but now I know to look for them.  i was told by someone (don't know who) these plants were weeds, come to find out they are actually a good plant/flower lucky I didn't rip them all out and will look for them next year

Diane told me what they were, and of course I forgot
Hydrangea bush that I was given by Ken and Deena and Kids - June

Does anybody know what these are called

These next flowers I planted, annual

So pretty had to show you, thought they were goners because of drought, but managed to keep them going

I'm so looking forward to next year to really enjoy all the flowers again. Sigh this year is almost over, can you believe it. I know its only August, but everything is so far ahead of itself, starting to look like the end of the year instead of the the middle of the growing season.

By tomorrow I should have a new Hibiscus blooms to show you.  Months ago I transplanted from thistle to pond mound the Hibiscus bush and its starting to bud.

The Rose of Sharon bush , blooms best in the morning, so I will try to get some good pictures of it tomorrow. We lost half the bush to wind and rain the other day, but it was a weak part of the bush and more than likely the rest of the bush will get stronger.

Big plans for tomorrow, nothing new.  Might quilt Ky's quilt, but will definitely be out in the yard.  We are looking at 70's, just my kind of weather.

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