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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Fun Filled Day

First off to Loose Threads to see all the BB Baskets hung

My favorite was the second from the right don't know who's quilt this was but will find out next Tues when we have our meeting and announce the winner

Personally my very favorite was not mine, but the second from the right.

Next to FT Atkinson for Quilts In The Park

Look who I found:  Julie and Sharon, Annette came with me.

Next stop quilt shop in Janesville.   This lady sells from her basement by appointment only, we had our appointment at noon. (Annette and I)

Look what I found there............................
This is Val the owner of the shop

Jane Miller's French Braid Book

Lunch at Pizza Hut (thanks Annette) and home again.

Looks like rain and I need to clean my house and do some more sewing, but first I must clean my sewing room.  I have totally destroyed it looking into boxes, drawers pulling scraps. Working 3 different projects at once. What is wrong with me, I cant seem to stay on one project at a time  lately.

I took a picture, but it looks so bad I wont even show it to you. Yikes what a me!!!!!!!!

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