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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Winner Is.........

We had our meeting today for BB

The white quilt won. Yay for Dru

Before going to meeting I finished a baby quilt for new customer -  She dropped off yesterday morning, and requested (if possible) baby name to be embroidered on.  Dee Dee was going to do this for me, but unfortunately her machine broke.  I was going to try to convince the customer not to put the name on, but then I remembered Annette has an embroidery machine.  She had not done any letters yet so she was happy to get the chance to practice them.  She did a great job!

Cute little baby quilt.

Three days ago, I decided to rework my Six Flags pattern and thought I would get this finished to take with me tomorrow to Twin Turtle Quilts Shop for a class I'm teaching.  "Floating Stars" is the class, but thought maybe if I brought the new quilt and patterns, I would generate enough interest to schedule another class

I finished 20 blocks yesterday and started putting the rows together. After finishing the baby quilt I finished the top and loaded on my LA.

No problem, simple meandering and should be done in a couple of hours.  Sighhhhh if only it was that simple.

Lizzie decided to act up again.  She would stitch along doing just fine, and all of a sudden she slowed down and started to stretch her stitches.  I had to nurse her through all day.  Stitch a row or 2 and then had to turn her off and let her cool down.  Her belt area seemed to warm up, actually got hot and when this happened the problem started.  So it was a day of stitch, shut down for half our or more and stitch some more.  Took all day to do a 2 hour quilt.

I managed to get it stitched and then machine sewed the binding.  Sometimes it pays to be stubborn, which Wayne says I am.

Even with all the trouble this one gave me I'm loving it.  Its a soft butterscotch color for the sashing and border.  I like it even better than the first Six Flag.

I did make the new smaller using only 20 different fabrics instead of 30 as the original was and also make the sashing a smaller size.

The original has been sold and I not only needed the new one for demo tomorrow, but will be used in my booth at the Edgerton Quilt Show this year. So "killed two birds with one stone"

After a day like this you would think I would be ready for bed, well I am, but forgot I have to wash clothes, don't have a decent thing to wear tomorrow.

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