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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Completed Stepping Stones

Its done!!!!!!! And absolutely no rippling problems.  I am so  pleased.  I was a good little quilter and added the borders the proper way, measure 3 x cut to fit and attach. It worked out beautifully.

Like I said before, I have always done a sew and trim off excess before, when doing my borders, and I honestly have never had a problem in the past.  Because of the trouble I had with Lazy Hour Glass rippling I decided to give it a try and do it the correct way.  Well I am now a believer.

Still have to attach the binding, but wanted to at least post these pictures.

I have a rough draft of pattern ready. Need to send to be proofed before printing for sale to public.

Wish I had a wall large enough to hang these quilts so I could get a straight photo shot at them.  Gonna take this out to Loose Threads quilt shop.  Mary Kay has the wall space and she said I could bring my quilts for photos.

Nasty, Nasty weather this afternoon and tomorrow.  Did all my errands today, so I could stay home the next few days.  Received the 2 quilts from Texas (new customer), so I will be quilting them tomorrow.

Its days like this that I say THANK YOU THANK YOU to my ex employer for laying me off 2009.  I giggle every time it snows, just knowing I don't have to go anyplace if I don't want to. 

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