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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Doing Just A Little Quilting

I am among many people who have gotten the worst cold every. Sore scratchy throat, coughing, more like hacking. Yuck.  Trying to get some quilting done, but its been really hard to do. I could only manage to put in a couple hours today, working on Merry-Go-Round.  Have 3 of 6 rows sewn together.  I'm so close to getting this finished.

Yesterday, I just didn't do anything, sat in my recliner like a lump, and only left the house because I had to pick granddaughter, Kylee, up from school.  Took all the energy I had to get dressed and do that.

Today, Wayne was so kind, he did all of the laundry and vacuumed house. 

Seeing as I have nothing new to show you, here is something from the past.  Just a scrappy done my special way

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