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Monday, February 14, 2011

At Long Last - Done

It seems like it has taken forever but I can finally say "STEPPING STONES" quilt is finished, but you knew that.  What I'm talking about is I have pattern finished and ready for sale.

Now lets hope other quilters think it worthy enough for them to want to purchase pattern and make their own Stepping Stones quilt.  While I was at quilt shop today, I spent time just looking at fabrics. One of my favorite past times. Saw some beautiful prints/colors that would look wonderful using this pattern.

Thanks to Mary Kay at Loose Threads Quilt Shop for letting me come and hang quilt for full view picture

It looks so much better when you can see it this way as opposed to lying on a bed.

I also showed her Merry-Go-Round, she really liked that quilt as well.  Now to finish with binding and photo, and then finish pattern with diagrams and photo.  However, M-G-R still needs to be proofed before I can complete the pattern.  Vicki is off to Florida and wont be back until March 1st, so proofing will just have to wait.

 Not to worry, I have plenty to do before she returns.

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