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Monday, February 21, 2011

Six Flags

Grabbed scraps/stash and see what happened.

                                                         Six Flags, my newest original.

big enough for pillow tuck

Love this, it fits my full size bed with a pillow tuck.  Can't use it for myself yet. Gotta keep it all neat and clean. Will be showing this in Edgerton quilt show along with my other originals (October) long way off.

I am seriously thinking of entering my quilts in the Madison Expo September.  Never entered such a big show before, but I'm thinking this is the year I will.

Sooooo excited.  Sent my rough draft pattern to Sandi in Janesville and she did a fabulous job creating an actual pattern of Stepping Stones.  Its finally ready for sale.  Sent her the rough draft for Merry-Go-Round. She will have this done in a day or two. 

Yesterday, cool, wet yucky outside, Wayne and I spent the day cleaning.  Now this doesn't sound interesting, but  necessary. If I didn't stop every once in a while, the mess in my sewing room might qualify as a disaster area and FEMA would have to step in. When you spend so many hours quilting, and working on computer patterns, doesn't leave much time for the housekeeping chores.  Good guy Wayne, pitched in and helped recover our home.  

I almost hate to start quilting again, looks so clean.  That's not going to happen. Started to load a new quilt for customer this morning but ran into a snag.  The batting she brought was in a bag, but when I opened it, all that was in there were bits and pieces of batting.  She hadn't realized it was like this when she dropped it off.  She said she was given batting from friends and without opening bags thought they were as described on package.   I could remove the backing, which I pinned on this morning, and load another quilt, but I hate to do this, so today I will take the day off from quilting, and work on my patterns and watch movies. "Dragonfly" with Kevin Costner, kinda spooky.


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