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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Merry-Go-Round Quilted

Spent the day quilting Merry-Go-Round, 3rd of my original patterns.  All finished, except for binding.

Back of quilt
 What I really like about this quilt is the many different patterns through out the quilt.  There is the Lazy Hour Glass, a square inside a square on angle, pin wheels, and even bow ties.   So much to look at, all in one quilt, and you get this from a single pattern block and alternating every other block., This creates all the other patterns.  When you first look at it, you see the squares and pinwheels, which might make you think these are 2 separate blocks.  But in fact, the only pattern block used is the Lazy Hour Glass.

Now for the hard part, get the rough draft ready for proofing.  Vicki has agreed to proof this for me. 

She did such a great job on Stepping Stones, cant wait to see what she comes up with for colors for this one.


Quilts Sew Shabby said...

Beautiful quilt and marvelous quilting! Love it!

Quilting By Jeannie said...