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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Great Day

Had one of those perfect days today.

Finished the quilting of my newest quilt. No photo yet, need to do binding first. Nobody's getting a preview before finished quilt.

Wayne and I went to niece Kenlyn in Lake Mills.  She is doing photos of my quilts for the patterns.  What a beautiful job she did.

We hung these from the railing of her deck.

Kenlyn sent me an email with an attachment of quilt and single block overlay that was absolutely beautiful, unfortunately I cant figure out how to attach here. Would love to show that to you but its not going to happen.

Had lunch in Cambridge, I'm still full, not eating supper tonight. Visited Stacy/Bert, Brittany and Little Tavyn.

Actually it all started last night, went to fish supper with friends at Fireside in Ft Atkinson.  Delicious, combo fish and chicken.  Arrived there early, eating before 5 and you get free coffee and desert.Yummmmmm. Loved the food and the atmosphere is so relaxing, really enjoyed the evening with friends.

I have been in contact with  the lady that is going to put my patterns together with a professional look, not my rough draft attempt.  Mine looks pretty rough, kinda like I had a 1st grader do it.

So I will stick to designing and making of quilts and leave the paperwork to others.  Spent more hours on doing the drafting of pattern than I did on making the quilt.

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