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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to the 60's

Tshirt quilt mostly from the 60's. Really neat and big 93x94 quilt sewn by my friend Kelli from Ft Wayne.

Its so big had to take several pictures just to get it all in.

Had another brain surge in the middle of the night.  I now have another pattern circling around in my head. 

So, after completing this quilt, I proceeded to pull out scraps and start matching colors to work on my new idea.  What a mess I can make when searching for fabrics.  Pieces flying all around me, looking for just the right choices and sizes needed.  This size too small, this color not quite right, hmmm, maybe this works, and oh there's another one I think works, and so the process begins.

I am going to try real hard not to give you any peek preview before I get the quilt put together.

While working on Lazy Hour Glass, Merry-Go-Round, Stepping Stones, I was wondering if I could come up with yet another design, totally different from these 3, and sure enough, pops into my head in the middle of the night. How about that.

Its getting so I don't have the time to finish one, before I am already thinking about another one.  Still have Merry-Go-Round to quilt, have to take time to buy the backing so I can do this tomorrow.
If this keeps up I'm going to need a helper in my sewing room.   Dee Dee, get home from you winter vacation and come quilt with me.

Really hope others like my patterns as much as I do.

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