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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Repeating Myself (Maybe)

Yes I know I have already shown you the Black and White Stepping Stones, but that was before I quilted it.

Here it is all quilted for Vicki to bind.

And yes, this did make me crazy when quilting it.  Really had difficult time finding my threads from row to row trying to be careful not to cross over.  I think I did some cross overs, but you will never find them.  Even though this is a busy quilt, it is really beautiful in real life.  Its a big quilt, 98x98, it has a full drop all around my queen size bed.   My pattern called for 6 rows across and down but Vicki enlarged my pattern to 8 blocks across and down and adding 2 borders each @2.5 inches.  Like I said, its beautiful.

Next on my list of to do's.  Must get a new Lazy Hour Glass finished for photo shoot to send to the girl that does the final pattern.  I still have not heard from the proofer working my pattern, but I know the pattern will work, now that I have Sandi editing and finishing my patterns. 

I have people requesting "Lazy" pattern and its a shame I have 2 others finished and still have not finished "Lazy". Next time I need a proofing, will give it to Vicki, she can have it done in a week or less.

Also on my agenda is to do the pattern for Six Flags.  Still have a few more floating around in my head.  I really don't want to start another until I am caught up on Lazy and Six Flags.

Today is Thursday, and week is flying by.  With so much going on in my sewing room and my itty bitty head the days are seeming short. 

Yikes, its tax time and I havent even taken the time to prepare.  Gotta get this going too.  I think I need an assistant.

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