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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Change of plans

I have been working on the Lazy Hour Glass quilt pattern using just the 4 colors I previously posted photo.

While I have not finished all the blocks yet I have placed blocks on design board and moved them around to find yet another quilt pattern.  This quilt is being made for my bff Nettie.  I showed her the new design and  the Lazy Hour Glass. Now she has decided, with the colors she chose, she likes the way they look in the new design.  Good thing I didn't sew any of the rows together yet.

Calling this one Merry-Go-Round

I agree these fabrics look better in this pattern than the Lazy Hour Glass.   The thing is, I really liked it as the Lazy, but when I switched up the blocks for this pattern, liked it better.   Just like the Stepping Stones, started with Lazy and it became Stepping Stones.

Now I have to start all over again, with more fabric to do the 4 color Lazy Hour Glass.  Really need to get one done for the photo to be printed with the pattern.  Gees, when will I get the right combination of colors for "Lazy".   I'm sure I will find it soon.  Thinking, going back to the original Red/Off Whites/Dark Browns and Tans.  That really did look the best so far.  Also considering Blues and Beige. Will be taking another trip to Loose Threads real soon.

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