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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Down Time

For the past few days have had nothing to do re: quilting.  So I consider this downtime.

Some of my time I spend browsing some of my favorie quilting websites, one being Quilting Club found on Facebook.

I enjoy this "club" because it allows you to post photos of your quilts and see other quilts posted from all around the world.  There is also a discussion group you can join or start your own discussion.

Quilters from all over the world are fans (like) through facebook.  Sharing photos, tips, suggestions and patterns.

It seems I am spending quite a few hours on my computer, when not sewing.  All of this is for a purpose of expanding my knowledge of quilting, regarding both the creating of quilts and quilting them.

Of course I also manage to visit Leah Day quilting blog I try to visit her blog daily.

I also visit my Blogs list, just to keep up with what others are doing.  

My computer has become my door to so many interesting people, I would be lost without it.  It is so wonderful to be able to chat and comment with people all around the world.

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