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Monday, January 17, 2011

Doll Collection

What a great weekend we had.  Packers won!!!!!!!  Whoo Hoo.   GO PACK GO.  Bears won, so we will be beating the Bears next Sunday. 

Wayne and I took our granddaughter Brooklynn home to Rio.  She stayed over for the weekend with Toby and Sarah, and her cuz Kylee. 

The original plan was for her and Kylee to play at Ky's but come over and spend the night here.  However, she asked to stay at Ky's house instead.  Come to find out she is "freaked out" by my porcelain doll collection.  She cant really say why, but the eyes bother her.  I have heard this comment before from grown men.  It seems silly to me as I think they are just plain beautiful  and most collectors of porcelain dolls feel the same.  I actually made these dolls myself. 

Years ago, I would go to class once a week and clean the porcelain, paint the doll faces, hands and feet and  then assemble the dolls adding wigs, clothing, eyes, and even eyelashes.  I have spent hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours on this hobby. My intention was to give my granddaughters these dolls at some time when they are old enough to appreciate them. 

Brittany, my 23 year old granddaughter already has several dolls I made just for her.  When she was younger, each year for her birthday and Christmas she would get one of my new dolls.  I cant remember now how many she has but I think it is at least 10 or more.  As a matter of fact, her ex boyfriend was one of the guys that said they freaked him out.  PEOPLE STOP WATCHING SCARY MOVIE CHUCKIE

Hopefully, Brooklyn will get over this feeling and she will be able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the dolls.  I had already given her one for her last birthday, and I was never told by her step-mom or dad there was a problem, wish they had.   She said that one doesn't bother her too much.  Not too much, what does that mean, hope she is not afraid of that one.   If she is, should put it away out of her room until she feels better about the dolls.

These are just 3 of my dolls, do you think they are scary?

One even took a blue ribbon at a doll show

Anyway, after dropping her off at her parents, Wayne and I met with some old friends of ours from Rio,  Char and Cheryl. Spent the afternoon at BB Jack's/bar/restaurant in Rio watching the Bear game.  It was a great time.  We sat there and remembered many good times we had when we owned the Packer Inn.

In 1996 - 1997 we owned BB Jack's and it was called the Packer Inn.  Totally different from what it is now.  We, of course, had it decorated in green and gold, and hundreds of Packer memorabilia.  The new owners changed it completely turning it into a very nice restaurant and bar.

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