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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Creating Another Design

I don't have any quilts to work on right now.  Had to turn down a lady the other day because her quilt size was too big for my quilt table. Dang it. Hopefully she calls me again, when she makes a somewhat smaller size.

Enjoyed making new quilt designs using the Stack and Slice/Shuffle method, but now I have decided to venture on and design a new pieced quilt pattern.

Here is just the beginning:

Presently using scraps, shades of reds, creams, off whites and browns.  I hope my stash of these colors hold out. Not sure if I'm going to have enough to do the size I want.  If not, will go to my scraps and find other colors that will work with these.

No name yet for this pattern, any suggestions:  Each block has 4 hourglasses in it. Count them. What would be a good name for this pattern???

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