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Friday, January 28, 2011


The Lazy Hour Glass pattern has been sent to be proofed.  Waiting for return to finalize the pattern and go to print.  Hadn't realized how difficult it would be to write pattern instructions.  My little brain is getting fried.  Totally stepping out of my element.  No pun of Stepping Stones intended.

Currently working on Stepping Stones pattern.  I did a rough draft yesterday and today.  I'm Stuck. Waiting for order of ink jet print cartridges. Yeah I know I could have gone to Janesville and bought some, but honestly haven't had the time to make the short trip. Can't do any color printing until I receive this order.  Just don't believe how fast these color run out.

Here is  photo of Stepping Stones in progress, I have since sewn the rows together 6 down and 6 across,  will be putting on borders today or tomorrow.

Also working on another Lazy Hour Glass quilt using just 4 colors as pattern calls for:

 While putting blocks on design board I messed around moving blocks in different positions and came up      with yet another quilt pattern, equally as pretty as these 2 patterns are. 

 Now I'm getting excited about doing another quilt pattern and instructions. 

I never thought just by doing a few original designs Windmills and Star Light Star Bright, I would be thinking of new designs daily.  My mind just keeps on thinking of what if's for more patterns.

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