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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stepping Stones

This quilt is coming along nicely.  Just finished the 36 blocks today and all arranged on my quilt wall.

I have decided to stop working on this one until I quilt the Lazy Hour Glass. 

Spent sometime this afternoon, loading the backing, batting on my quilt table.  Hopefully without any interruptions, I will be able to put on the quilt top and do the quilting tomorrow.

Looking forward to finishing Lazy Hour, get some good photos and work on the pattern instructions and diagrams.  There is a lot of work and detail that goes into doing your own patterns, but I think it will be worth it.  If nothing else, it is a good learning experience.

I do need a "Proof reader" for the pattern.  Suggestion by Mary Kay at Loose Threads, have someone take my pattern and follow instructions to do a block or two, or even the entire quilt, to see if there are corrections that need to be made to pattern before going to print.

Not sure who to ask to do this for me.  Can't ask bff Nettie to do it.  Because of her carpal tunnel, I do all of her cutting of material for her quilts.  So that's out.  I am wondering if maybe one of Mary Kay's employees would proof it for me.  After I finish the quilting, I am going to take the quilt to her for show and tell.  Maybe I will ask her for a proofer then.

Tomorrow night is our Barn Chicks meeting.  Taking along my "Windmills" and "Star Light Star Bright" quilts to show the girls.  I hope they like them as much as I do.

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