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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blind Quilter

This was sent to me in an email by my aunt.
This is amazing.

I am currently working on my Lazy Hour Glass.  Have it quilted, and I was stressing over a few puckers that just would'nt go away, no matter what I did.    Good thing this is my personal quilt and not someone elses.

It was my own fault. 

I have always had good luck when adding borders, to sew them to length and cut off the excess.  Have never ever had a problem with puckers and rippling on bottom of quilt before, but this time I did.  I have heard of horror stories from other quilters of this happening and never experienced it before. 

It is strange that it happened as I measured the quilt and it was a perfect square.  So I cant figure out why the awful rippling. It must be because of the borders.  I actually had it quilted the other day and it rippled.  So I took out every stitch.  It took me 2 days to do this, but thought it would be worth it.  Even bought a better batting, thinking the 80/20 I used was causing a shifting problem while quilting.   Checked the measurements again, before putting on my frame, all was perfect.  All that work and it didn't help, still had rippling.  My only solution was to cut off the outside border and deal with a few puckers that were still showing on the inner borders.  The next thing I did, was to remove the last few rows of stitching, take off the bottom border and reattach.  I had to remove about 2 inches from the border and this helped with the biggest portion of ripples.  I then ran the quilt through the washer and dryer to give it that puckered, used quilt look, which also helps to hide any visible machine puckers.  I don't like to do this to a new quilt, but it was my only way to make this quilt look as good as I wanted it to.

I wont be using this one for my picture on my pattern. At least I dont think so.  Will show to a few other quilters and ask if they think  it is worthy enough to be featured on the pattern.
More than likely, I will have to do another one just for the photo. 

I post picture after I get the binding sewn on.

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