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Monday, December 20, 2010

Spare Time

Now that Christmas is almost here, quilting for others has slowed down. So there is spare time to work on some of my own projects.

I am now working on another original design.   Have it all drawn up and material cut.   Finished a few blocks this morning.  I think its going to be even nicer than "Windmills".

I am, however, becoming a hermit.  I really hate leaving the house unless there is a good reason.  I never got out of my pj's yesterday.  Just one of those days where I knew we weren't expecting anyone to come over, so did a little sewing, a little baking and just a little housework.  Watched football all afternoon, and Packer game last night.  I got my exercise during the game.  My favorite show "Survivor" finale was same time as game, so had game on in living room and Survivor was on TV in bedroom.  Had to keep running back and forth from room to room to see what was going on.  I could have taped Survivor, but really didn't think the Packers were going to do as well as they did and thought would just watch Survivor for the most part.  But they surprised me and actually had a chance to win the game.  However, they did lose.

Saturday, a few of the women in our family met for lunch to just spend time together before the snowbirds take off for the winter.  These times are special.  We eat, talk, laugh and pretty much just enjoy each others company without the hubbies being around.   Somehow, when the men are with us, they tend to take over the conversations and need all of  the attention.  Its just nice having lunch without them.  Besides if they are with us, how can we talk about them.  This is where most of the laughing comes in.

Tomorrow, back to working on my new design.  Hope to have enough finished to take a picture.


Mad about Craft said...

I like the time between Christmas and New Year - last year I got loads of quilting done. I also love PJ days!

Quilting By Jeannie said...

I know, I have so many quilt ideas running through my head, have to put them down on paper before I forget them.