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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Wonder Land

We are really getting hit, snow wind yikes.

This was taken early this morning, and it has been snowing and blowing since then.  Winter is here guys, so snuggle in and spend the day baking or quilting or heck do both, I'm going to after I watch the Packer game.

Finished another quilt for Trish, her second.  She is new to quilting and told me she has only done 4 altogether, the other 2 she quilted on her own sewing machine.

She did not have a pattern for this one either, she made it up as she went along.  Trish was short on backing for this one, brought me the extra needed and spent a couple of hours with me.  I knew she was new to quilting, so gave her some free lessons and advise to help her with future quilts.  Lucky her, she has an embroidery machine and as long as she needed to add extra backing she decided to embroider a label.

I'm thinking if she continues quilting, she can only get better and better and will be turning out some really awesome quilts.

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