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Monday, December 6, 2010

Who Said Olive Garden

As you might know, I hate shopping.  However, love the Olive Garden, so when a good friend of mine asked me to go shopping with her today, I said yes if we could include lunch at the Olive Garden.  She agreed, like my husband, her husband does not care to go to this restaurant, but we both love it, so it worked out well.

Went to a few stores in the Mall, and managed to buy some drape panels for the patio door.  Now that winter has arrived, or at least the cold weather, we get cool air from the doors, so putting up insulated drapes to see if that will help.

Before leaving to shop, started the 5th quilt for Vicky, and finished it when I returned.

took as many as 8 pics and could not get a decent one of the backing. so this is the best I could do. She used same materials on back as on the front.
She did a custom backing again, so both sides could be used as the top.

I did small meandering for most part, except X'd the squares for a semi custom look.

Tomorrow start another quilt for the other customer that has 2 to be finished by the 15th,

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