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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hearts to Hearts

Another Christmas has come and gone.

Wayne and I took a trip to Janesville, looking for a new prelite artificial tree.  Ours gave up on us this year and half the tree lights blew out.  Must be a short, so not going to use anymore.  Heading for the curb/junk day.

Anyway, went looking and I cant believe the prices on some of these trees. At 50% off still $90.00 and up.  I have/had a cute little 6ft that cost me $20.00 5 years ago.  I know that seems cheap, but it worked for us.  Once its decorated looks as good as the $100 or more trees.  So, I'm gonna look around for another cheap one. 

While hitting every store in Janesville, what do I find?   Valentines day has arrived in stores.

Funny, I have been working on place mats for our quilt guild.  February meeting we are doing a valentine exchange.  Thought I was rushing it, working on them in December, but according to the stores I'm way behind. Imagine that.  

I better hurry and start working on Easter or I'll be late for that too.  How silly.

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