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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vicki's last quilt for the year

Finished the last one for Vicki.  I think I will be going through withdrawal not having one of her quilts to do for awhile.

I called this one All Sports Quilt:


Small twin just right for a little guy.   Vicki loved that I worked in Stars in the stitching

Vicki did manage to get all 11 done. I am very pleased she let me do 8 of her 11.  She brought over and showed me one that was too big for me to quilt.  It was beautiful like all of her quilts.  She does an awesome job on all of her quilts.  Each one so different than the one before and each one so beautiful.  I am going to go through all of her pictures and see, just see, if I can pick a favorite if that is at all possible.

I will miss not seeing her. We had many good conversations and show and tells about our quilting.

She is going to be making a rag time next, and promised to bring it over and show it to me.

I kept busy this afternoon.  An old friend saw my ad in Edgerton paper and called to see if I could finish a quilt his grandma (now deceased) hadn't finished before passing.  I'm sorry did not get a picture of this one.  It was a simple patchwork, and hand tied.  They have already picked it up so no pictures.

Tomorrow I am going to spend many hours cleaning my sewing room.  I have been so busy, just been working around the mess.  Now time for a deep cleaning. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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