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Sunday, December 5, 2010

She's Back And Busy Quilting

Vicky was among the missing (she is the quilter with 11 quilts to do by Xmas).

She unexpectedly stopped by the other day with 2 quilts ready to be quilted.

Vicky said she has been extremely busy, but has now gotten back to her quilting.

Beautiful purples 78x99. Using my version of Spiral Petals stitching by Leah Day designs. Many people who have seen this stitching say it reminds them of Peacock Feathers, so I think I'm going to rename my version to just that.

My version of the original design, when stitched on the long arm, becomes quite different than Leah's original. I do give her all the credit for her original free motion designs. She has given me such inspiration for free motion quilting.

Its Sunday, as you know, and Packers are playing. Not sure if will get any quilting done today or not.

In addition to Vicky's 2 quilts to do, she referred another quilter to me and she has also brought me 2 quilt tops to finish.

I'm always happy to be quilting and especially when I get a new customer. So I get to be twice as happy this week.

I wonder if I will ever be as busy as some of the other quilters in the area.  They can be as far behind as 6 weeks before finishing a quilt.  I just cant imagine having that many quilts to do.

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