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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Indian Design Quilt

This has got to be one of the most, if not THE most. difficult quilts I have ever done.

Beautiful design, however, the lady that sewed this used, I think, some pretty inexpensive material.  She also made up the design on her own,  and although the over all look is pretty awesome, left a lot to be desired, when it came to quilting it.  Every row was a struggle for me, as it wanted to shift, pucker and stretch.  There are tiny squares of as little as 1/2 inch and even less for some and with these many seams it was a nightmare to keep from puckering and shifting.

Heck even my camera didn't want to take a good pic, but I did my best.  I should have waited till morning to take the photo, but have the dreaded colonoscopy procedure tomorrow.

Due to the puckering and stretching problem, I used a heavy quilting stitch in the diamond "Pebbles In A Stream"  Which is basically tiny circles and swirls, even overlapping each other as needed.  Customer requested I change thead colors as needed.  So this also led to a degree of difficulty because of the pattern zig zagging, but I did it .  The remainder of the quilt was done with "Rippling Water" also called Landscape.

I really hope she likes the way it turned out.  Even with all the difficulty I experienced doing it, I think it turned out quite well.

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