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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yesterday Play Day

Had one of the best day ever yesterday.

4 of my quilter friends and I went on a shopping trip to local quilt shop, going out of business sale.

Sale!!!! - you gotta check it out right.  Even in Houston the prices weren't this good.

Here is what I bought:

Fat quarters for someday projects - no plans yet.  Fabrics for more bears, flannel for burp rags, (baby will be here Monday) more fat quarters for bags, backing for a wall hanging and a Buggy Barn book

We had a blast helping her close out her inventory.  May go again before she closes the doors.

This morning I couldn't resist making myself a new "winter" bag.  Instead of making the larger bag as pattern calls for, I revised pattern to a smaller version and changed out the pocket.  Sometimes, with a larger bag, its too easy to just put everything in there but the kitchen sink.  I don't need to carry the kitchen sink with me.

Instead of adding button or yo yo's for decoration I chose a pin from my jewelry box.  I like the idea of a pin because if I want to change the look I just have to change the pin.  I have tons of pins. When I was working full time in an office one of my favorite accessories was a pin/broach.  Over the years I have collected pins and they are still a favorite jewelry accessory.

We shopped, laughed, shared stories, caught up with what everyone is up to  and went to lunch and then went to another quilt shop, where I dropped off some of my patterns for sale.  Some more looking and oohing and aahing more fabrics and patterns.  Brought the girls home to show them the bears.  Now one of the girls is thinking of making some for Christmas.  "Good Luck" without instructions.  Maybe I can help her a little.

Now for more fun!!!!!!!

Sitting at my front door a box from the mail man.  What could it be.  I didn't order anything and I wasn't expecting a quilt from a customer.

Whoopee - an entire box of fabrics.

My daughter in law's ( Sarah) mother sent me the fabrics with a request for me to make quilts, and table runners and she included a package for Kylee to make a quilt for her.  She is paying us to play with these fabrics and we can make any quilt pattern we want.  The angels and horse prints are for table runners and I'm thinking she wants them used as a panel with border or borders.

I will have to do a little more fabric shopping as I think they both will need an inner border to set them off.

Oh too bad for me I have to go fabric shopping.   Later today off to the bank - JoAnn's and then grocery shopping for Thanksgiving.

Its a good thing I found Saturday.  (yesterday morning I thought it was Saturday and was wishing I had another day to get everything done by Thursday I was so pleased to realize it was only Friday)

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