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Friday, November 9, 2012

My Roommates

I was very fortunate to have THE best roommates in Houston.

One of the events we went to was a fundraiser called Quiltapalooza and you could, if you wanted, wear a fascinator.  They had a runway for those competing for the best fascinator. Our group did not participate in the contest, but a couple did wear their fascinators.

Julie and Sharon found some really cute ones on our trip to the quilt museum at one of the little shops.

 I had so much fun with my roommies,

My normal bed time at home is anywhere from 8-10.  In Houston we were up until way after 11 on most nights and up by 6:30 most mornings.

Probably because there wasn't a recliner for me to sit in. Just Kidding.  There was not time to sleep, way too much going on.

We had guests in our room each night for show and tell, where each person showed what they purchased that day.  We even spent Sunday night watching our favorite show "Revenge"  It is the only time we actually watched TV.

Can anyone say DIET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Gathering night was Friday night and was the best night of all.

When I'm old (er) this is a memory that will be with me always.

One of my favorite photos:  

Meeting Patricia Ritter "owner , and the person who started the website that brought us all together,

There are many more memories and pictures, but I could probably write a book rather than a blog.

Now its time to get back to the "real" world.

While in Houston I did get a cold, and thankfully was not very sick with it.  However, it came home with me and is now full blown and making me very sick and weak.   I don't have time to be sick I have so much to do and so many new ideas since the trip.

Will rest off and on today in hopes by tomorrow it will be gone or at least manageable.   Annette Vance and I have a class we are taking tomorrow and must go to that, even if I'm on my death bed.

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