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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Gus

Our newest grandson - Agustas Alan Wayne Romack - born 11:01am - weighed in at 10lbs 21.5 inches long.

Welcome to the world Gus

So far everybody says he looks like his grandpa Wayne - haven't seen him with his eyes open yet

Yesterday spent the day cleaning houses with Annette V. - on our third house I'm thinking, OK haven't heard from Toby yet.  Has the baby been born yet, how is everyone, what is his name etc etc etc.

Wayne calls me around 12:00 - C section scheduled for 10:30 - no word yet, right after that aunt Dee Dee, (Alice) calls any word yet?? - No so continue cleaning, finally cant take it anymore called Toby and left message around 1:30pm - finally he calls me back with all the news.  They were pretty busy, of course and didn't have time to call.   Gees we are all on pins and needles, but priority, taking care of baby and mommy,

After picking Ky up from school we came home grabbed grandpa Wayne and head right to the hospital.

He is so adorable (of course) and so big - biggest baby this family has ever had.  The little hats I made him wont fit his head.  They are for a newborn, he is already 2 months old (size wise)  LOL - but we like em big around here.

I was totally shocked Wayne actually held the baby.  In the past he has never held a baby until they were at least 2 or 3 months old.  They scare him, but I'm thinking Gus was big enough not to scare his grandpa.

Kylee cant wait to come back and see him again, she didn't want to go home.  I told her maybe Wed or Thursday after we have our Thanksgiving dinner we can go back to see her and the family.  Sarah told us the Doc said maybe Thurs but probably Friday before she gets to come home.

Its OK Sarah, get as much TLC as you can get in the hospital you will need the rest now for what comes later.

I'm so thrilled they are close by and I can pitch in whenever I'm needed - and even if I'm not  hehehehhehe.

My plan for today was to clean my house for Thursday, but instead I'm sewing (big surprise!!!!) Made place mats with the extra fabrics from table runner

Next sew the binding on the table topper.  

Then start cutting another quilt for Sarah's mom.

I figure its only Tuesday there is time to clean the house Right?? - Besides Kylee is going to be staying with us Wed through Thur and she can and will help grandma get everything ready.  She is my biggest helper ever.


Janet Robinson said...

congratulations on that beautiful baby, he looks like he might need to be rocked aq bit If you need help for that call me!He is beautiful hope all goes well for your family

Kylee said...

I can't wait until Wednesday. TRUST ME! I couldn't be happier to be a big sister and that my Gus is healthy.