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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Sew In - November

Our CT Sunday Sew In was, for me, very productive.

Made a table runner, table topper and finished a bear.

Remember this fabric from the box of fabrics I received.  Added the red inner border, which made a huge difference in bringing these fabrics to life.  The horses with the grey was way too boring but the red gave it the pop of color it needed.  There is so much horse fabric left and still some grey and red so I will also be making some place mats.

Table topper - was going to make another table runner - before I started cutting I saw a small note on the plastic bag and she actually wanted table toppers.  Good thing I purchased enough fabric for the backing.  I didn't, however, have enough batting so I used some of mine to finish this.  A binding is needed and then its finished.

Managed to stuff the bear and make its bow during Packer game.  The game was so stressful, I decided not to watch it, but instead went to sewing room after stuffing and listened to the game while I sewed the tie and quilted the table topper.  Its easier to listen to a bad game than to actually watch it.

The Packers did manage to win the game, but I really don't know how they pulled this one off.

Getting closer to being ready for Christmas.  2 more bears to do and 1 for my girlfriend.  Then I can put away the bear pattern pieces.  I doubt that I will ever make any more, but then you never know.

Can hardly believe this week is Thanksgiving already.  Not to get all mushy, but I do have much to be thankful for. Its time to sit and reflect what is really important in our lives and I, again, am one lucky and  thankful person for my family and friends and good health.

We all get so busy with our daily lives we tend to forget to give thanks for the things we have and not dwell on and wish for the things we don't.

Tomorrow our new baby grandson will be born and cant wait to see this little guy.  Did I say Little, the doctor is saying he is probably going to be 10lbs.  Yikes!!!!  Another thing I am thankful for, I'm Not The Mother.  LOL  Just kidding of course.  Its so much more fun being a grandma.


Teresa said...

I love the horse fabric!

3DogDesignCo said...

And so you're it!
I was tagged in a game of Blog-Tag and in turn Tagged YOU.