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Friday, November 30, 2012

Keeping Busy

Past few days been working on so many projects and doing quilting for others.

This cute wall hanging - customer said its going in a new baby room.  Too small for blanket but will look nice hanging.

Managed to get yet another bear done.  - This is for great grandson Tavyn - one more to go before Christmas. I think I just might make my deadline.

Yesterday was sew day with the girls, and a funny thing.  Nobody brought their sewing machine.  We were all lazy and did hand work.  I stuffed the bear while others spent their time knitting, appliqueing and cutting out fabrics.

Last night I finished this fun fur scarf for daughter Stacy - she liked the silver one so much wanted one for herself.  However, I couldn't find the same yarn, so instead I picked up a skein of the feather yarn.

Today I made a burp rag for baby Gus and also worked on the wild Rail Fence.  One more row and the borders and it will be ready for quilting.

I also managed to quilt a Tshirt quilt for one of my customers

While Wayne was taking his nap I  put up and decorate the Christmas tree.  I waited until he took a nap.  He would have given me an argument about moving the furniture, so to avoid that I waited until he was napping.  This way I can do what I want without having the bah humbug discussion we have every year.

The only thing he likes about Christmas is seeing the little ones with their presents.  Well I keep telling him you cant have presents without the rest of Christmas.

So I usually wait until he is distracted to do my decorating.  I have more to do but will wait until tomorrow to finish.  Probably when he is napping again.

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