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Friday, November 16, 2012

Time Is Flying By ....... Again!!!!!

Can you believe next Thursday is Thanksgiving already.   You know what follows that - soon its Christmas.

Each year I think I have all the time in the world and BAM its right upon me and I'm not ready.  Does that sound familiar??

Yesterday and the day before I spent all day making more bears.  Have one completed and on in need of stuffing.

These cuties take forever to sew, but I am determined to get them finished.  4 and 1/2 done an only 3 more to complete.  Each takes anywhere from 5 + hours to sew and another 2 to stuff and close.  Now do the math - how many more days do I have to get my task completed?  - It doesn't sound so daunting when you break it down like that, but, in addition to other projects I'm working on for the holidays it seems like I'm rushing to get everything done.

Aaah but today is going to be a play day.  A few quilter friends and I are going to the Backyard Quilts in Ft Atkinson, going out of business sale.  Who can resist a sale - right.

Its only Saturday so plenty of time - yeah right.  Tomorrow is our Connected Threads Sunday Sew In. Which means I will be sewing for most of the day - hopefully stuffing a bear during the Packer game.

Monday its my day of work, cleaning houses. Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner Tuesday and clean my own house. Wed another house to clean and more of the same at my house and of course cooking and getting things ready for Thanksgiving.  Can you see where I'm going with this?  Time Time Time a very valuable commodity. 

Even with all of that going on Monday is going to be a very IMPORTANT day.  That is the day our newest grandson will be born.  We finally get to meet the little guy and find out what his name is.  Its been a big secret.  Toby and Sarah could not keep the sex a secret, but did manage to keep his name a secret.  Nobody is to know until its on the birth certificate.  For now he is just little guy or "nugget" as Sarah likes to call him.   

My job on Monday is to pick big sister Kylee up and take her to the hospital after school.  How exciting, I bet she will have a very hard time concentrating on school that day. 

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