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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So Far So Good

So sad this morning couldn't use my Tin Lizzie.

Instead I awoke with an idea to either do a new pattern or work on an old.  Opted to do another Six Flags with scraps here.  (sold my other one)  Need one for the booth for Edgerton Quilt Show October 20th.

Found all the scraps I needed and proceeded.

Lizzie sitting right behind me while I'm sewing and she even looked sad.

About an hour into my sewing I decided to maybe do a a little manual timing backing off her wheel and cleaned her bobbin area AGAIN.

Turned her on with out, thread - and she purred.  What!!!!! You want to try to quilt something??

OK! - Loaded my Buggy Barn Baskets and proceeded to do some pretty fancy custom quilting to see if she could handle it.  I thought the worst that could happen, I would keep my Lizzie Dr appointment on Wed and finish my quilt when she was all better.

Look how pretty she is stitching (right now)

Giving her a rest right now, and myself.

I'm planning on doing this in one day.  Normally it would take 2 but thought as long as everything is going so smoothly better get it done while I can.

I'm going to be pretty tired and sore tonight after this, but if I get it finished, worth the pain.

The painful part is going to be my feet, they always hurt for a few hours after doing a custom quilt.

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