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Friday, July 27, 2012

Call Me Crazy!!!

Today has been a very busy productive day.

Sewed from 5:30-7:30am - 

Picked Ky up at 9 - and headed to the greenhouse, garden center to buy................ flowering plants.

Like I need more flowers right???  Well actually I do. There are some flower beds that are done blooming for the year and I wanted to see color for the rest of the summer so, I just had to buy some perennials.  

Actually have another plant but no flowers on it yet, so I will wait until there are blooms before I photo it.

So here is the day, sewed, picked up Ky, purchased 3 perennials,  planted the plants, weeded 3 and 1/2 beds, trimmed low hanging branches that attack me every time I mow. Picked apples, Ky really helped with that, balancing on a step ladder and with a long pole knocked down some fairly good sized apples.  Picked up weeds and branches, including some dead ones the storm brought down for me.  Loaded and laid down 2 loads of mulch. Picked rhubarb and Ky is cleaning and cutting that up as I type.

Oh and forgot harvested the rest of the poppies and cut down the dead plants.

That was a full day, but it felt good. Today was the first day in a long time the weather wasn't so extreme I couldn't be outside.   

I chose to work outside today, as sewing has been an issue for me the past 2 days.  No matter what I do, I seem to have to rip out and redo.  When you have days like that, walk away and do something else.

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