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Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Sad

Just barely finished the Buggy Barn Bramble Basket for Dee Dee (Alice) and my Tin Lizzie quit working.

 I had to nurse her through the last few stitches, but like a real trooper she made it to the last stitch and then gave a sad sigh and quit.

Will be taking her to the LA doctor Wednesday. With Luck (keep fingers crossed) she will be able to come home with me Wed or no later than Thursday.  Which gives me little time to get my BB quilt done by Friday.

She did do some beautiful work with her last dying stitch.

If Lizzie does get fixed in time for Friday, I don't think I will have the time to do custom work on mine, but even so, the baskets quilt will look nice with a simple overall stitch.

I'm just so happy I was able to finish this one.

Annette took me with her today shopping for fabric.  By appointment only, lady sells fabrics and quilt supplies from her home.

Going back on Saturday sometime with some of my tops to purchase the oversized backing. She has a huge selection and a very very reasonable price.

That is after we first go to Loose Threads to vote on the viewers choice Buggy Barn Bramble Basket quilts.  I just hope mine will be one of them on display.

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