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Sunday, July 15, 2012

OMG I Have Become A Weedaholic

I need an intervention for sure.  Cant stop myself from bending and picking.

Its truly and addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spent 2hours this morning cleaning the weeds from between the patio blocks.  They have taken it over, where it looked like a carpet of weeds rather than patio blocks. I know I know ROUNDUP.  However, have you seen the price of the this wonderful plant elixir?  I have, and with the size of this yard/flower beds and patio I would have to buy gallons of it. So its bend pick, bend pick, repeat!!.

After getting every itty bitty and large weed, I proceed to then wash down the patio.  Looks ever so nice.

You would think that would be enough for one day in this heat wouldn't  you?   Oh no, I spy with my little eye, something green that shouldn't be.

So its off I go to investigate and find its time to pay attention to this area again.  Cut down all the spent poppies after harvesting and spreading the tiny seeds.

Stacy saw me out in the yard and stopped and before leaving she was squatting, and picking.  LOL it runs in the family.

Around the side of the house to visit the Rose of Sharon Bush, which just started to bloom, pictures to follow after it has a few more blooms on it, and we find yet more that needs our attention..

Time to feed the Koi.  Should have stayed inside because after feeding, I decide to take a walk out back looking for more Rose of Sharon bushes that Diane said should be there in the way way back yard.

On the way to explore I pass Wayne's vegetable garden.  He has not been able to tend his garden, been painting the house in between the heat.  Of course I see what should not be.  So I jump the fence.  Yeah like I'm going to jump, that would be worth a ticket to see.  Any who, I climb over the fence and proceed to bend and pull from my beets, and before I know it I have 1 and half rows taken care of.  That is until something nasty bite me, or stung me.  I wasn't wearing my garden gloves, I had no intention of weeding while taking my walk. Shuda known better. Like I said its an addiction called weedaholic.

The good news is each day I am rewarded with yet a new bloom or soon to bloom plants.

I was told these are called Baloon plant

This wasnt there yesterday

Again not there yesterday  I was wondering if I would get any blooms on this plant

 I am currently lounging in my recliner enjoying the cool air from AC.  Hmmmm I wonder how long it will be before I need another "fix".

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