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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Margie's BB Baskets

The first of the Buggy Barn Challenge quilts - Bramble Baskets - by Margie

Knowing your quilter helps in the decision making of what stitching to use, free motion, panto etc.

Margie is a very good quilter. I always know her quilts will be sewn beautifully and will lay flat on the quilting frame. Which is absolutely necessary if working with a Panto rather than free motion quilting.

I know you know I prefer free motion, but sometimes its a better choice to use a panto.  Such is the case of this quilt.

Thought you might like to see the process of quilting with a panto.  You have to work off the back of the frame and follow a laser light outlining the design  "panto" on the table.   As you can see working off the back you cant see what is happening on the quilt until you stop to look.  That is why its so important to have a well sewn quilt for pantos.  Any chance of rippling, puckering wont be noticed until its too late and you have to stop and rip out any problems.  Thankfully with Margie there is none of that.  Easy sailing on this quilt.

And now the finished quilt.......................................

Love it!!!!!!

Now I'm thinking do I want to custom mine or panto - still undecided

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Donna Kallner said...

Very interesting, Jean -- I love seeing the process!