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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth Of July

No big celebration for us.  Too hot to enjoy any outside activities, but I hope the rest of you have a very enjoyable day.

The 4th of July has never been one of my favorite holidays.  Not because of the heat, not because of the celebration of our independence, not because of all the good food that could be eaten today. The reason:  I hate firecrackers.  Always have - fireworks that's a different story, love them, but firecrackers NO!

When I was little, not sure what age, thinking maybe 5, we went to my great aunt and uncles for a large family picnic and their kids were allowed to throw firecrackers around us and under our chairs.  To this day I can not stand firecrackers and because of this I just don't get excited about the Fourth of July

I thought about having a family cookout today, but when I realized how hot it was going to be I cancelled that idea and opted for a family gathering in October when the temps are cool and we can have a fire in the backyard.

So instead of celebrating the 4th I did what I normally do - Sew!

Finished the BB Baskets top  still needs to be quilted and bound

And......  made some hot pads from fabric given to me by my SIL Donna.  She designs fabrics and has her designs made into fabric through The fabric has my mom's face. Been meaning to do this for a couple of years and finally got around to doing it.  Now mom can be in the kitchen with me all the time.

Wayne will be watching TV all day in between taking a few naps.  That's how he celebrates.

This sounds like the most boring of days, but its our life.  Every once in awhile we spice it up and actually leave our house and eat out with friends or go visiting, just not going to do it today.


FYI - I did find out the name of those flowers - Thanks to Piecemeal Quilts - Sandi

They are called Gooseneck Loosestrife-  Its nice to give them a name finally

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