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Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot Enough For Ya

Isn't that the question of the week.

At least we have gotten down into the 80's instead of 100's, so its bearable.

Still have to be careful not to overheat (like I did this morning) after working for  about 4 hours outside, I wasn't feeling the best so rested for most of the day.  I have got to learn, there is always tomorrow.  Its just that I keep pushing myself to keep going when I see the progress Ive made and still more to do, I just cant stop myself.

That is until my body tells me enough is enough.

Wayne and I have been getting up early and outside by 6 to do our work. He paints I pull weeds or lay mulch or both.

He is very close to being finished on the house and I am one day closer to finishing (yeah like that's going to happen) weeding.  Unfortunately I neglected the ferns out front, they needed watering and didn't get the water needed so, they are all done for the year.   Oh well, next year I will know better.

Candy my neighbor lady came over today with a gift.  More Hens and Chicks, love them.  She has an abundance of them and I very happy to take some of them off her hands.  They are "nesting" nicely by the pond.

The Peony Poppies are all done for the year and starting to dry enough to harvest the seeds from the pods.

I have spread some around in some other areas of the gardens for next year.  There are more ready to harvest but haven't decided where I want to spread them.   Diane has some but I think she might want more. She is giving me some of hers.  She has pink ones and mine are red so we are trading seeds.

I'm not sure if I should be seeding now or waiting for another time of the year. Like I said I have plenty , so I will have to find out best time to sow the seeds.  I only took 2 pods and sprinkled their seeds down.  Im a novice to this flower gardening, so I will have to check it out from people who know.  Even if I dont sow them now I can harvest the seeds and keep them until its time to sow.

These I bagged for someone else to enjoy next year.   Too bad we have to wait another year to enjoy their beauty.

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