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Monday, July 16, 2012

Bird Quilt

Boredom set in this afternoon.  A person can watch just so much TV.

Kept busy enough this morning, even with the heat I managed to dig out some heavy duty big time weeds and trim back some unruly bushes.  Put our name on the newly painted mailbox.  Now its official the Romack's live her.  

Fixed the one block on the Bramble Basket that was in the wrong position.

I could have cleaned.  That's always an option.  Nah!

Loaded and quilted the Bird Quilt.  Birthday present for Lexi she is going to be 2 in October.

Free motion Flowers and Leaves.

Its so difficult to get a true color for purple or lavender.   The quilt is a light lavender and the border darker lavender.  

Maybe someday I will find out the secret to true color pictures.

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