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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Too Many Projects To Do

Would you believe I have been losing sleep because I have been waking up thinking about materials I have in my stash that would work making  bags.  2 nights, or I should say early mornings in a row, cant get bags out of my mind.

Went to exercise class this morning, and rushed home to start making a bag with scraps.  The only way to get something out of my head is to DO IT so I can stop thinking about it. 

Now that I have one more bag done, I can hopefully, move on and get back to quilting.

Here is the scrappy bag.  Still have to buy and sew on buttons, then its complete.

Donna (my sister in law) will be pleased I finally found a use for some of the material she hand dyed last year, used for lining of bag.  Hmmmmm, I'm seeing a complete bag made from this material in the future.

Now that this is out of my mind, maybe I can get back to working on the pastel Lightning Strike

Now let me show you what I should be working on today:

Enough said??


Donna Kallner said...

Love the bags, but what's that odd contraption in the bottom photo? I should know what that is!

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Yeah, Wayne tells me if you plug in the cord, turn it on, it actually makes noise and, of all things, picks up the dirt from your floor. Who Knew. I think he called it a vacuum cleaner, now thats a funny name isnt it.