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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Quilting Before Shopping

Completed a customer quilt yesterday morning.

Business first then play time

  I used a pantograph Paisley on this one

After finishing,   headed off to buy potting flowers and a few perennials for this year with daughter Stacy,  and that is where the fun begins.

A list was made before leaving the house, but did I even look at it. NO - sidetracked by all the beautiful plants and flowers 

After much oohing and aaahing manage to get what I had written down and then a few extras. Always always over buy hehehehehehe.

First off you cant just buy one of anything and you cant just stick to a list - its impossible 

Worked from early afternoon to late afternoon and only have the marigolds left to plant - sometime today, or maybe I should wait until tomorrow and Gus can help me.  Now that would be fun

Now I cant wait for everything to take root and start spreading and flowering - its going to be beautiful around here again this year.

For a while, early spring I was getting really really stressed with all the work that is needed to be done.  Deep breathing, and a management plan in place, I think I will be able handle the balancing act of quilting, babysitting and yard work, not to mention my travel plans for this summer.

However, the housework, now that's another issue - but thankfully I'm getting help with that too.

Besides, I have said this before, House Work Is Over Rated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kay Lynne said...

Very nice quilting :)